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Spa Products

Spa Products

Kwa Maritane Spa gives our clients a chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and indulge in rejuvenating and exclusive spa therapies. Our clients also have the opportunity to purchase products from some of the most renowned brand names in the beauty industry. We make sure our clients receive the most luxurious and exclusive skin care, lifestyle and nail products on the market.

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  • Babor
  • babor(1)

    Luxury. Innovation. Results.

    Babor is the pioneer in the professional skincare industry. With over 5 decades in the beauty industry, Babor has discovered the secret of skincare. They have been able to source the finest and natural active ingredients, combine them flawlessly and transform them into incredibly luxurious skincare products.

    The Babor result is ground breaking. They offer an individual skincare system “Made in Germany,” that is offered in conjunction with the most professional and highly sought after beauty treatments. Babor will ensure the most magnificent, glowing and healthy complexion in all their clientele.

  • O.P.I
  • OPIO.P.I is a passionate and family owned company that is wholly committed to providing the highest quality of products to their customers. It is due to the company’s dedication that O.P.I has been at the forefront of the Professional Beauty Industry for years. Essentially, they are dedicated to product and service excellence.

    O.P.I opened its doors in 1981 by passionate President and CEO George Schaffer, who emigrated from Eastern Europe to the U.S.A after World War II. O.P.I continues its legacy as a family owned business, with Schaeffer and Suzi Weiss-Fischman, at the helm of the company. Since its inception, the company has flourished into the world leader of the competitive nail industry and continues to grow and evolve through commitment and inspiration.

  • Elemis

  • elemis-logo-and-strap-web-300x75Defined by nature, led by science…

    There are 4 principles that define the fundamental mission and vision of Elemis.

    • Personalised Lifestyle
    • Led by Science
    • Defined by Nature
    • Treatment Led

    As the leading British luxury skincare and spa brand, favoured by 6.5 million spa goers, Elemis is utterly renowned. What sets Elemis apart in the industry is their combination of innovative ingredients in their products. These natural active ingredients combined with the most technologically advanced products has enabled Elemis to bring the most successful anti-aging products and spa therapies to the world.